February 18, 2020

Career Politicians. Desperate And Distorting The Truth.

“Only one candidate in this race is 100% committed to supporting Donald Trump and helping him build the wall.  Doug won’t, Jeff didn’t, Bradley hasn’t, but Tommy will.

When Donald Trump was deep in the fight against Hillary Clinton and needed Bradley Bryne the most, Byrne said he was ‘unfit to be president.’  Alabama doesn’t need to elect another cut-and-run congressman like Bradley Byrne.  We need a pro-Trump fighter like Tommy Tuberville.

The Tuberville plan to fight illegal immigration mirrors everything Donald Trump has said on the issue.  We’ve got to close our borders, protect American jobs, stop illegal drugs, and block terrorists from sneaking into our country.

The Trump administration believes we must prioritize skilled workers who apply to come here legally so they can do the jobs that Americans just don’t want to do.  I’m simply backing President Trump’s policy…just like I’ll do in Washington.

Career politicians and second-tier candidates like Bradley Byrne are afraid of losing power and being yanked out of the swamp.  In the final few days of the primary, he’s telling lies, distorting positions, and launching baseless attacks because desperate candidates do desperate things.

The Byrne campaign has spent thousands of dollars on paid trackers who have followed our campaign from the Tennessee Valley to the Gulf of Mexico.  Instead of telling the truth about our get-tough, pro-Trump plan to fight illegal immigration, Byrne is deceiving voters with a two-second, out-of-context clip.  It’s a sleazy, swamp creature tactic from a desperate politician.

The Republican primary voters in Alabama are smarter than Bradley Byrne thinks.  It’s time for them to call a penalty and throw a flag against Byrne’s lies and deceptions.” — Coach Tuberville


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