July 11, 2019

Coach Tuberville Posts $1.3 Million Cash on Hand

No other candidate has raised as much money in their first 90 days as Tuberville.

Auburn – Coach Tommy Tuberville reported having over $1.3 million cash on hand after his first quarter as a candidate for U.S. Senate in Alabama . Tuberville, who has been in the race less than 90 days, reported raising over $420k from donors throughout the quarter. To put this in perspective, the $420k haul by Tuberville is more money than any other Republican candidate for Senate in Alabama raised in the first 90 days of their candidacy. A political outsider with strong grassroots support, Tuberville raised 70% of his money from Alabamians with nearly 73% of contributions under $200.

“Coach is the only candidate in this race who isn’t a politician so it’s no surprise he’s seeing such a huge surge in grassroots support and fundraising,” said Tuberville for Senate Campaign Manager Paul Shashy. “It’s clear folks from all corners of our state are ready to fire Doug Jones and elect an outsider who has been supporting President Trump from the beginning and has never gotten weak-kneed in that support.”

In addition to raising more than any other candidate in their first 90 days on the campaign trail, Tuberville also invested $1 million of his own dollars into the effort to send a political outsider to work with President Trump in DC.


Raised: $420,251
Cash-on-hand: $1,342,541
Percent of contributions from Alabamians: 69%
Percent of contributions from individuals: 99%
Percent of contributions under $200: 73%
Average contribution: $351
Total Number of Donors: 1,054


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