January 20, 2020

Jeff Sessions’ decision to recuse himself from the Russia collusion investigation helped empower congressional Democrats to impeach President Donald Trump and directly resulted in the Senate trial that is scheduled to convene tomorrow.

Tuberville’s statement read:

“In football, a player has to know that he can count on his teammates to watch his back, and a coach has to know that his players will play their hardest until the last second ticks. As attorney general, Jeff Sessions handed the ball to the other team and walked off the field the moment play started getting rough.

As a result, history’s greatest president will face his darkest day tomorrow as liberal Democrats looking to turn our country socialist argue for his removal from office in a bogus impeachment trial.

If Jeff Sessions had stood up and fought instead of letting a bunch of anti-Trump attorneys in the Justice Department bully him into recusal, the Democrats’ persistent persecution of the president could have been stopped a long time ago.

It is time for Alabama to elect a senator who will support President Trump, guard his flank, and fight the socialist mob that wants to run him out of Washington.

Jeff Sessions had his chance, and he fumbled the ball because he doesn’t know the difference between ‘won’t back down’ and ‘cut and run.’ It is time to elect a senator who knows how to win.”

Tuberville referenced Sessions’ decision as attorney general to recuse himself from involvement in the Comey and Mueller investigations upon advice from Deep State bureaucrats.

Trump later said he would not have appointed Sessions if he had known of his intentions to recuse. The president’s mounting disappointment eventually led Trump to demand Sessions’ resignation in November of 2018.




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